Los Angeles, USA

Month: April 2018

Harry Anderson and “It’s Magic!”

“I’m Harry. But then again, aren’t we all?” That’s the first thing that I remember Harry Anderson saying the very first time I saw him on October 20, 1978. It was opening night of “It’s Magic!” and Harry was the emcee and also performing as Harry Anderson and Leslie. I remember him saying, “Now, I…
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Monsterpalooza, Don-Con & Phantom

Next weekend is Monsterpalooza. It is a convention for fans of monster movies, of which I am one. I used to get very frightened watching monster movies because it was all real to me. Over time I have had a few friends who have been in scary movies, so I watched them, and was converted.…
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My First Big Stage Show was in a Legendary Theater

The first time I appeared on stage doing magic was when I was a teenager, and it was in a great historical theater.  Even though it was in Santa Monica, it was destroyed in the 1994 Northridge earthquake. Northridge is 22 miles from Santa Monica, which gives you an idea of how big and scary…
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