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A Candid Conversation About my Magical Life

I had a great time doing a podcast with Steve Neill and Mary Cacciapalagia. They interviewed me about my magical life. Steve and Mary are great people. Steve is an amazing model builder and special effects makeup artist. Here is some of his work: http://www.steveneillsgarage.com/steveneill.html

If you do checkout Steve’s site and look through the many pictures on his front page, the person in the Batgirl cowell may look a little familiar. Yes, that’s me. There is also a photo of a great model of The Time Machine Steve made based on the one on the classic science fiction movie of the same name. One of my very favorite pictures of my husband, Geoffrey Williams, is him holding onto (and refusing to let go of) an Oscar. It happens to be the one that Tim Baar won for Special Effects for the Time Machine. Check it out in the Adventure section on this site in Chapter 6. Tim Baar’s daughter shot the photo. I’ve been threatening to take a similar picture of me with our friend’s Emmy, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Mary Cacciapalagia is a fascinating woman with a wide variety of interests. I can say with confidence that she is my only friend who is a videographer, postpartem doula, artist, and expert dog trainer.

On their podcast, Steve and Mary, “interview guests on a variety of subjects: the Entertainment Industry, the Arts, the paranormal, scifi, and other interesting subjects.” For me, the time flew by because I really do love talking about magic. Man, do I have a million stories. Plus, it was an honor to be among the people they have interviewed including Rick Stratton, a special effects artist who won an Emmy for his work on The X-Files and for Alien Nation, and the amazing comic book author Eliot R. Brown (DC & Marvel!)

When I left they sent me home with my life cast, which had been taking up room at their shop and they had been kind enough to hang on to – Now, where to put it? I’m thinking the living room.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy listening to the podcast as much as I enjoyed recording it:



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