Los Angeles, USA

Magic is Real!

It has been a busy week. Right now, I am putting together a talk on doing magic for children. It has to be ready to present next Tuesday night. On Wednesday I did my magic act about Love on stage. The next night, I did strolling magic for Mad Decent Records amidst dancing unicorns (and lots fans). Even though I was totally exhausted and had plenty to do this weekend (including something I am dying to announce but will have to wait as I am sworn to secrecy), I was still sad I did not have another show this weekend. I love performing!

In the Magic of Love, I do my own take on the Sympathetic Silks and I had a woman from the audience come up to help me. Her last name was Love. How perfect is that? The show was great fun and Erin Brady was also on the bill doing her magic/balloon act. She did a great job and I so enjoyed sharing the experience with her.

That show required a long drive to Orange County, so I got home late, but not as late as the next night with an event that ran until 2 am. This was a huge Album Release party for Dillon Francis’ Magic is Real. They hired four magicians to do strolling magic and they had a whole bunch of dancers in inflatable unicorn costumes who worked their tails off dancing throughout the six hour event. We magicians donned the top hats they provided and worked the incredibly long line before the venue opened, and then moved inside. I enjoyed helping keep the crowd excited while they waited to get in. I found a video on YouTube that shows you the outside (with the unbelievably long line) and inside and shots of the unicorns, but no magic, sadly. Check it out here.

I have had a bit of experience with events like this, having done a number of EDM events with Party Animal Los Angeles. (EDM stands for Electronic Dance Music for those of you who have not seen Jason perform his moves on The Good Place). They tend to get hot, smokey and loud as the evening progresses (fortunately, I like the music), and the crowds do get pretty wasted. One twenty-something who was clearly a bit impaired asked me “How did you get to be so old and still so gorgeous?” and then gave me a hug.

A voice in my head said it was time to go home, and things were starting to wind down, so I wrapped up at 1:00 a.m. and texted the Event Producer. No way in a crowd that size I could actually find her to tell her in person. As I was pulling out after the show, a number of cop cars were pulling up and they waved me through. The unicorns ended up leaving soon after too, as one of them called me, just in case I needed a lift to my car. I heard the next morning from one of my fellow magicians who decided to leave not long after that though, that he could not get his car out of the neighborhood. Apparently there was a car bomb scare that shut down the entire area and he was not able to leave until 5:00 a.m. Glad I listened to that little voice in my head that knows Magic is Real and when it’s time to head home.


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