Los Angeles, USA

Happy Thanksgiving!

One of the things I love about being a magician in Los Angeles is you get to meet people from everywhere in the world. I do a lot of shows in people’s homes where I get introduced to their customs and family traditions. It is so wonderful to be a part of that.

My Thanksgiving also celebrated L.A.’s diversity. We celebrate with families of choice, as my parents have passed away. The year before last it was with a family with Asian roots. This year we were invited to the home of a very dear friend who is Persian, and a fabulous cook.

The overwhelming abundance on the table celebrated traditional American Thanksgiving dishes as well as traditional Persian dishes. It was all so delicious. There was a beef stew type dish made with pomegranates, and a classic rice dish where the crusty part of the rice at the very bottom of the pan is a special treat.

We met her many years ago and immediately hit it off. Her kids were fairly young then, and now it is a joy to see the fine adults they have become. I am so thankful to have shared such a lovely time with them. I’m even more thankful for my family of choice – my friends and confidants that make each day a better one here in the City of Angels.


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