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Eat. Drink. Do Good.

I had a fabulous time last night performing magic at the Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank. As part of the outreach program at the Magic Castle, I performed strolling magic for “A Culinary Evening with California Winemasters”. This is a big benefit for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and I was joined by Sarinda Sincharoen, Dan Manson, and Scott “Scotto” Smith (magician herder). It was great to be working with friends and accomplished magicians once again and it was an amazing event.

It was on Warner Bros. largest backlot set “Midwest Street”. Built in 1939, it represents “Any Town USA”. It comes complete with a small town square, center gazebo, white church and steeple, brick courthouse and street level storefronts. A small tree-lined residential street meanders off the town square and is highlighted by six different homes. It’s been used in many productions, from “Rebel Without a Cause” to “Grease Live”, and served as a great backdrop to the many booths featuring gourmet offerings by amazing chefs (calling them snacks would be a disservice) and wonderful California wineries doing samplings.

In the town square were tables where guests could sit to enjoy the band, nosh, and reconnect with friends. I realized the band, the LA Allstars, was the same band that played at my Halloween show at the casino. Small world! Later in the evening, there were presentations including one by Fritz Coleman, a beloved Los Angeles weatherman whose idea of retirement includes doing speaking engagements, raising money for charities and working on a comedy act he never really abandoned. Shifting gears is definitely my idea of a great retirement. The evening was highlighted by a live auction.

About the time the auction was due to start I got to sit down with Scotto, Dan and Sarinda and catch up a bit. It was great to chat about the tricks we had done that evening and the new ones we are all working on. Scotto seemed to know a lot about wine and I know I certainly learned a lot at this event just by talking to the folks from the wineries. I’m proud to be a native Californian, and seeing two of our great industries represented together (wine and motion pictures) with people eating, drinking and contributing to such a worthy cause is my idea of a great Saturday.


Now to pack up for Magic Live! in Las Vegas. It begins tonight and I have a long drive across the desert ahead of me. My husband will be staying home to stay with the cat, who is still a bit freaked out by the loss of her kitty compatriot. My next entry will be about the convention in Las Vegas.

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