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I Do Magic with One of World’s Biggest Stars

I have visited quite a few studio lots, and even though I worked for SAG for years, I am not jaded about it. I still get excited when the guard lets me through the gate. You never know what or who you will encounter on a studio lot. I recently got to perform at Paramount…
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Exciting Announcement

The book that my husband wrote, The Greatest Adventure, is coming out this month! It is all about out our experiences in show business. The pictures for the book are here on my web site, and you may have noticed a new menu item: Adventure. That let’s you look at all of the pictures from…
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The Wild West at the Magic Castle

One of the nice things about being a Magic Castle member is the special events for members only. This one was Soapy Smith Night, a night not to honor Soapy Smith’s dishonesty, but rather his skill at it. This event is an annual fundraiser held in the downstairs Inner Circle to raise money for the…
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A Candid Conversation About my Magical Life

I had a great time doing a podcast with Steve Neill and Mary Cacciapalagia. They interviewed me about my magical life. Steve and Mary are great people. Steve is an amazing model builder and special effects makeup artist. Here is some of his work: http://www.steveneillsgarage.com/steveneill.html If you do checkout Steve’s site and look through the many…
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Rockhaven Sanitarium

I had recently done a show for The Friends of Rockhaven Sanitarium in Glendale, a former mental institution that they were trying to preserve. They later invited Geoff and I to take a tour of the now crumbling and allegedly haunted facilities. We went at the end of July, there was no air conditioning, and…
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An Evening with Milt Larsen

I first met Milt Larsen, co-founder of the Magic Castle with his brother, Bill, when I was just starting magic as a teenager. I met him through my then boyfriend and later husband (and happily still my husband) who was working backstage on Milt Larsen’s annual It’s Magic! show. It was one of the greatest…
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The Great Howdini’s Magic Castle Audition (and Mine)

I was going through the TV episodes of various shows that I’ve recorded and can’t bear to delete and The VCR Illumination episode of The Big Bang Theory on CBS is still there. I love the show because I grew up as the daughter of a geologist at UC Riverside and let’s just say, this show…
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A Special Day, in Every Way

I’ve had a number of really busy days lately, and Thursday was no exception. I did my very first children’s hospital show ever. My husband Geoff had done one when Rancho Los Amigos reached out to the Magic Castle for volunteers some time back, so he was able to share his experience with me. Still, I…
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Belle 1, Emerson 1 – Sometimes a tie is a big win

(Donning my green hat and tie for the Lucky Charms routine while performing on a train in Travel Town)        So today I wanted to give a  big magical thanks to Eddie Medrano. I thoroughly enjoyed his lecture on performing Magic for Children, and I am happy to report I put something I…
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My Cat Post

I wanted to wait to get a few posts done before the inevitable post about my cat. We all love our pets and think they’re the best. Mine is big, white and fluffy, and she is really attached to my husband. My cat loves to watch television with him. I thought she would lose her…
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