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I’m Batgirl

This month is women in comics month, and yes, I am a woman who reads comic books. I am also a maker and seeing the fabulous things people have done with wood glue and foam, I decided to experiment with some fabrication and be Batgirl for Halloween. I posted some of the pictures on Facebook,…
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Being Mrs. Claus

I had so much fun this Christmas with my new show, Mrs. Claus and the Magic of Christmas. It is a magic show featuring the wife of Santa himself as portrayed by me. This is a very fun character to play, and she was very popular with boys and girls, who asked me a lot…
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Belle Live

Scroll down only when Belle tells you to.                           Tonight I had a wonderful time at BookShow.  I was joined onstage by a lovely couple: . In our test, they met when he picked the wrong bag and got the gift she purchased.…
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