Los Angeles, USA

Face Painting

Because safety is so important for our little ones, Belle only use professional grade face paint by WolfeFX and Snazaroo, with FDA approved pigments. She also only uses cosmetic grade glitter. (You might not have thought about it – because who doesn’t love glitter –  but never use craft glitter on the skin.)

Cleanliness is also obviously important, so she uses new sponges for each event and quality brushes.

Her designs are joyful  and fun – rainbows, unicorns, stars, pirates, and flowers. Many kids like them on their hands or arms, so they can see them, and sometimes they are a little shy. Face painting is not the time to test boundaries. It’s time to make the kids smile.  Sometimes kids start with one design, run around and play and then got another done, and then another. Sometimes they want one like their best friend just got, so they can be twin-zies.

Typically, people book:

  • Small Party (90 minutes)
  • Large Party (Three hours)