Los Angeles, USA

The Greatest Adventure Chapter 13

I join Geoff on the carnival, and it is quite the experience.

During the winter Jack had new sideshow banners painted. This is the one of Geoff.

This is supposedly me, with Geoff below holding the line from the helium tank.

That is my face poking out of the Zig-Zag illusion. I was the star of this act, and not a magician’s assistant. All Geoff did was push the parts around.

I introduce the Headless Woman illusion.

I got to put Geoff in cuffs many times a day.

Geoff and I doing the Sub Trunk, the trick where we had the most things go wrong. Nothing exposing it, though, and normally it went well and we were pretty fast.

A tornado wipes us out, and Geoff and I were right in the middle of it.

Guess which act in the show Geoff is describing to family friend Jim Linville. I’ll give you a clue. If you were in Slytherin you would love it. His wife Sue took most of the photos we use here chronicling our Sideshow adventures when we were near Chicago.

Dick Williams met us on the lot and was kind and gracious. He also had major accomplishments in magic we were unaware of at the time.

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