Los Angeles, USA

The Greatest Adventure Chapter 15

The Magic Castle Junior Magicians were an important part of both of our lives. The initial group of members that Geoff was a part of went on to have amazing careers. Everyone below is still going strong.

Dirk Arthur had one of the last of the big cat shows in Vegas. We knew him as a very talented bird act.

Mark Kalin and Jinger have traveled the world performing magic. We remember his Pool Shark Act.

Those amazing hands got Christopher Hart typecast in the movies.

Jay Scott Berry did an act unlike any other. He moved to Europe but stayed with us when in California, which caused a lot of confusion with his then girlfriend.

Kevin James (the tall one) went on to a hugely successful career on stage and television and winning many awards for his creativity.

Ed Alonzo is an award winning comic magician who also has racked up a number of television acting credits.

Greg of Gregory and Kay above has reinvented himself and looks entirely different. He now does hypnotism combined with magic under the name Michael Mezmer.

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