Los Angeles, USA

The Greatest Adventure Chapter 22

We had a blast traveling across the country lecturing to our fellow magicians and meeting a lot of great and interesting people along the way.

Hands down the most interesting person we met on tour was Jerry Andrus. A brilliant magician, an amazing human being, and one of the top inventors of optical illusions.

This is what is known as an impossible figure, one that can not exist in real life. One of Jerry’s great accomplishments was creating impossible figures in real life. Instead of just existing as drawings, he was able to take photographs of them. Seriously, look this guy up on YouTube. You will be blown away.

Geoff tells the fascinating story of Zamlock the magician, also known as Carl Zamlock the baseball player. He invented a trick that every magician knows about. When we were in New Orleans, Geoff was given a copy of Zamlock’s travel diary recording his early 1900s tour through Southern California. Geoff recreated a historical version of his performance for the Simi Valley Historical Society.

We also got to meet Robert Lund, and he gave us a tour of his American Museum of Magic in Marshall, Michigan. We loved it! That is him on the cover of Genii from our extensive magic magazine collection going back to early 1900s. We’ve hauled them around for years, they are extremely heavy, and as a collectible, I think they have actually dropped in value every year. Oh well. They are still very cool.

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