Los Angeles, USA

The Greatest Adventure Chapter 26

I got to work with tons of well-known actors, most of whom were great to deal with.

Everyone in the SAG office loved Mister T.

Former model George Lazenby, who played James Bond for a hot minute, not so much.

This is Liliana Mumy all grown up. I use to see her in the office as a little girl with her mother, Eileen. I had some issues with stage mothers, but Eileen was great and her daughter, who now does a lot of voice work, seems to have grown into a fine young woman. You may remember her from The Santa Clause. She does mostly voice work now. Liliana’s dad is Bill Mumy, who along with the husband of my boss, Bruce Boxleitner, were both on Babylon 5. That will have more significance in the next chapter.

SAG members were very concerned about the use of digital actors in the movie Titanic. I was sent to Digital Domain where they showed me exactly how it was all done. I had already been exposed to a lot of special effects work, so this was a big thrill for me.

Pierre Debs and I met at SAG and remained life-long friends until his premature death from cancer. I was heartbroken. Unless you are in the video game industry, you might not know of him, but he was a hero to many in that community, as well as being a great friend. Geoff tells a very heart-warming story about him and Andy Griffith.

Blizzard Entertainment posthumously awarded Pierre their highest award. The plaque reads: “Commemorating one of our Most Epic Heroes. Your legacy will live forever in the World of WarCraft and the hearts of our company.”

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