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About Belle

Belle Daily has been involved in magic and show business since she was a teenager. Her first on stage appearance in magic was in her teens at the famed Mayfair Music Hall in Santa Monica, where she transformed from a doll into a living person. While still a teenager, she traveled across the country working major State fairs where she flipped the usual approach to magic. Instead of a magician magically floating her, she breathed in helium, making herself into a human balloon who floated high above the heads of the audience on a stage with no curtains. She also performed one of Harry Houdini’s signature illusions, Metamorphosis, and was noted by fellow magicians for her amazing speed when she disappeared from inside the locked trunk and instantly appeared on top.

In her twenties, she began doing close-up and strolling magic at restaurants, country clubs, private parties, and for corporate events. She developed a mind reading act. She produced stage shows with several fellow magicians and emceed. She developed a show for children and was invited to perform it at the Magic Castle at a special event for the children of Magic Castle magician members. She learned to juggle, read tarot cards, and balloon artistry, but passed up the opportunity to learn fire eating when she found out how often people got burned.

She was also very involved in the theater, working behind the scenes. This included working for many years on the annual It’s Magic! show, produced by Magic Castle founder Milt Larsen and featuring the greatest magicians from around the world. She learned a lot from watching and associating with some of the best of the best.

She worked on the Japanese television special, Shimada in America, in one of the very few times she acted as a magician’s assistant. She appeared on stage as a kuroko, an assistant dressed head to toe in all black, and helped Shimada with the very difficult costume changes that accompany magically changing into a dragon dancer. When David Copperfield was rehearsing a floating Ferrari effect for an upcoming television special, it was her Mazda that was used in rehearsals since David neither drove nor owned a car.

She married award winning magician and magic designer Geoffrey Williams. Together they founded a magic company manufacturing his and other magicians’ original effects. She traveled to magic conventions around the country as a dealer, demonstrating and selling their magic creations.

Belle earned an MBA and has found it to be enormously helpful in working with her corporate clients including: Latham & Watkins, Amgen, Deloitte, the J. Paul Getty Museum, Discount Tire, First American, Unify Federal Credit Union, California Steel Industries, Huntington Gardens, and Yokohama Tires.

She is a maker who loves to build new magic props and invent new effects. She developed a magic show centered around the subject of Love, featuring original illusions, and a hilarious and mind-blowing paranormal/mind reading show. Of course, Belle is a magician member of the Magic Castle. She is a great addition to your next event.

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Belle Daily

cell/text: (818) 481-1296

e-mail: belle@belledaily.com