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The Magic Castle and Doug Henning Collecting

My husband and I went to the Magic Castle (a world famous and amazing club for magicians in Hollywood) to celebrate our anniversary. Regular readers of this blog know that we both used to be full-time magicians, but now Geoff focuses on writing. Since we have been happily married a ridiculously long time, I tend…
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It’s October!

It is officially October, one of the busiest months for magicians. It is also one of my favorite months, as I love Halloween and it is our wedding anniversary (yesterday, actually, and we went out for a great meal, but during the day I was off performing). I have booked more shows this month than…
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Coming Back

Writing this blog has been a fun opportunity to share my adventures as a working magician. It has been a full year since I have put up a blog entry. Since I have been unable to perform live, there just wasn’t much to write about. The era of Covid has been very difficult for everyone,…
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Waking up with a Smile

I am the kind of person that wakes up with a smile. At least once I’ve smelled my espresso brewing, I’m contemplating a great day. To say I am an early bird is the understatement of the century. But with all that has been going on lately, I’ve found myself at a little bit of…
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The Day the Lights Went Out and the Music Went Silent

I am so happy to share that after a lot of work, the paperback of The Greatest Adventure: Adventures in Magic, Show Business and Life-Long Romance, written by my husband Geoffrey Williams, is finally available on Amazon. This chronicles magic and the top magicians at the end of the twentieth century. It is an insider’s…
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This is a time of loss. That is me and the cat above, dealing with it in our own way. Not really. Actually, it’s just me and LeeLoo napping after I put together an overview for a segment on my GirlsLoveMagic website. I have been reflecting on some wonderful people we have recently lost, though.…
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Seeing My Friends

I miss performing in front of live audiences. I miss chatting up random strangers as I bounce around town on a Sunday morning. I miss going out for dinner and meeting up with friends for coffee. There are so may things I miss during this crisis – all trivial compared to all of the lives…
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L.A. Magic

L.A. is such a magical place. A few months ago, my husband got on the subway in Los Angeles, and got off the subway in New York. It is one of those things that would be unusual in most places, but here it is not all that uncommon. It was a movie shoot set in…
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Hard Times

I picked a bad time to try and go back to being a full-time professional magician. Pretty much everyone in live entertainment is out of work now. Back in January I quit my job. It was the worst place I had ever worked. It was something I needed to do, as they were extremely abusive…
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Jack and the Giant

I was in Playbill for the very first time! If you have been to a large regional theater or seen a show on Broadway you would probably have been handed one as you walked in. It’s the small theatre magazine with yellow at the top, that acts as a program for the show. Playbill was…
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