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I have arrived in Las Vegas. Last Saturday performing at Warner Bros. was fun, but exhausting. I had originally planned to leave Los Angeles at noon on Sunday to drive across the desert with my wonderful husband. As it turned out my cat Leeloo passed away recently from cancer, and we were really worried about…
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Eat. Drink. Do Good.

I had a fabulous time last night performing magic at the Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank. As part of the outreach program at the Magic Castle, I performed strolling magic for “A Culinary Evening with California Winemasters”. This is a big benefit for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and I was joined by Sarinda Sincharoen, Dan…
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It was late Sunday evening and we were relaxing and watching tv. The lights went out and we were plunged into total darkness. We immediately went into a fight or flight response. Were they back? Did they turn off the power? Were they going to come in again? As we were trying to figure out…
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Hurray for Hollywood!

Things have been a bit stressful lately, and we both felt we needed to take a couple of days off. We were going to make it a four day getaway, but then our cat Leeloo was diagnosed with cancer so we had to cancel and stay close to home. She passed before our vacation but…
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Heart Breaking

This blog entry will be a little sadly self-indulgent. I just lost my dear cat Leeloo to cancer. This on the heels of losing my father-in-law. She lasted less than a month after we got her diagnosed. It was very aggressive, but she was in good spirits right up to the end.  This is not…
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Christmas Time

I made it through December. In some ways, it was more difficult than last year when Covid was much worse. I was unable to do live Mrs. Claus shows except through Zoom last year. That was just not as fun for me. My highlight was when the little 4 year old from Canada asked if…
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Now that was a Busy November!

(Photo) I wind up in a Chanukah car parade Much to my surprise, November has been incredibly busy. In the past it has tended to be a slower month for magic shows. Since September, I have only had one weekend off (and boy did I need it!) A last minute show came in but I…
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From the Desert to the Mountains

October continued to be crazy busy, setting a record for me of 12 shows in different venues in a month. That may be as much as I can do, along with a very high pressure job working for a major hospital during Covid. The final show on the day before Halloween was the first time…
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Movie Night

I have mentioned my friend Danny Roebuck several times on this blog. He produces movies and is a well-established actor. While we were still under full Covid protocols but much later on in the pandemic, Danny was trying to finish a film that he was making and needed to do a pickup scene. It was…
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The Magic Castle and Doug Henning Collecting

My husband and I went to the Magic Castle (a world famous and amazing club for magicians in Hollywood) to celebrate our anniversary. Regular readers of this blog know that we both used to be full-time magicians, but now Geoff focuses on writing. Since we have been happily married a ridiculously long time, I tend…
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