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The Greatest Adventure Chapter 18

Some of this chapter was a little painful to read. Geoff is brutally honest about what it is like to totally bomb.

The Greatest Adventure Chapter 17

We decided we really did not like being apart, so I return to Southern California. We do a bunch of shows with famous people from the past that we know nothing about.

The Greatest Adventure Chapter 16

Geoff has interesting experiences working for David Copperfield. Geoff and I wind up in separate States, both beginning our time getting our University educations.

The Great Howdini’s Magic Castle Audition (and Mine)

I was going through the TV episodes of various shows that I’ve recorded and can’t bear to delete and The VCR Illumination episode of The Big Bang Theory on CBS is still there. I love the show because I grew up as the daughter of a geologist at UC Riverside and let’s just say, this show…
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A Special Day, in Every Way

I’ve had a number of really busy days lately, and Thursday was no exception. I did my very first children’s hospital show ever. My husband Geoff had done one when Rancho Los Amigos reached out to the Magic Castle for volunteers some time back, so he was able to share his experience with me. Still, I…
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Belle 1, Emerson 1 – Sometimes a tie is a big win

(Donning my green hat and tie for the Lucky Charms routine while performing on a train in Travel Town)        So today I wanted to give a  big magical thanks to Eddie Medrano. I thoroughly enjoyed his lecture on performing Magic for Children, and I am happy to report I put something I…
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My Cat Post

I wanted to wait to get a few posts done before the inevitable post about my cat. We all love our pets and think they’re the best. Mine is big, white and fluffy, and she is really attached to my husband. My cat loves to watch television with him. I thought she would lose her…
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This Actor Inspired My Children’s Magic Show

I never really knew Lee Delano, but he turned out to be a huge inspiration to me. He had a long and successful career as a character actor. He was one of those guys who was just working all the time. He appeared in tons of television shows and movies in the 60s and 70s. That…
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Harry Anderson and “It’s Magic!”

“I’m Harry. But then again, aren’t we all?” That’s the first thing that I remember Harry Anderson saying the very first time I saw him on October 20, 1978. It was opening night of “It’s Magic!” and Harry was the emcee and also performing as Harry Anderson and Leslie. I remember him saying, “Now, I…
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Monsterpalooza, Don-Con & Phantom

Next weekend is Monsterpalooza. It is a convention for fans of monster movies, of which I am one. I used to get very frightened watching monster movies because it was all real to me. Over time I have had a few friends who have been in scary movies, so I watched them, and was converted.…
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