Los Angeles, USA

The Greatest Adventure Chapter 9

Geoff began acting in his late teens, and he often got roles because of his ability to do magic and create special effects. He believes it was just his acting talent.

Geoff got his hair permed each night to match his “twin” (they did wind up looking a lot alike) in an original musical titled Wanted: My Brother. And yes, he was the twin who was a conman and just a tiny little bit evil.

Geoff in Romeo and Juliet, but no magic this time. It was the first time I ever saw him, although just from the audience.

Geoff in Chekhov’s The Marriage Proposal.

Terry Seabrooke, Christian, FL!P, Michael McGiveney, Goldfinger and Dove, and Carazini did the first half of Geoff’s first It’s Magic!, while Chuck Jones did the second half.

And about the pics of me he put up for Chapter 7. It is so on. Let’s start with some old acting headshots of Geoff.

Here Geoff is reading a hot book. Not sure about that almost a mustache thing he has going on.

And of course, I love all my pictures of him. My man!

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