Los Angeles, USA

The Greatest Adventure Chapter 18

Some of this chapter was a little painful to read. Geoff is brutally honest about what it is like to totally bomb.

The great comedian, actor and magician Carl Ballantine, or Uncle Carl to our cat Bastet.

Baby Bastet with Thomas

Bastet today.

Yes, this is Geoff and what I assume is his magic wand. He did perform magic naked on national television as an adult as he describes, but I don’t have a picture of that.

Our friend of many years, Daniel Roebuck, about to be eaten by zombies in a Walking Dead webisode. He and I both share a love of monsters. He has managed to be on a lot of my favorite shows and movies, including Lost, Star Trek Next Generation (the episode with Spock!), The Fugitive, The Late Shift (he did an incredible Leno), and tons of other stuff. What you may not know is that he started out as a young magician just like us. He still does magic from time to time in his horror stage show.

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