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Being Mrs. Claus

I had so much fun this Christmas with my new show, Mrs. Claus and the Magic of Christmas. It is a magic show featuring the wife of Santa himself as portrayed by me. This is a very fun character to play, and she was very popular with boys and girls, who asked me a lot of questions about Santa, the elves, and the reindeer. I loved depicting another powerful and self-assured woman, bringing her out of Santa’s rather large shadow.

In addition to doing close up shows for banquets as Mrs. Claus, and a special magical show for the kids, Santa and I did some Christmas Day Visits. It made it a very different Christmas at our house and one I’ll always remember.

In the picture above you’ll notice that one boy has his arm in a cast. He broke it Christmas morning, riding his new bicycle. His visit from the Clauses got delayed, but I am so happy he got home in time for a evening visit.

What a Merry Christmas!


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