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See My Friend’s Movie!

You have seen my friend, Daniel Roebuck, on television and in the movies. He is a working actor (Criminal Minds, Agents of Shield, Man in the High Castle, etc.) We’re such buddies, because just like me at some level, he never really grew up. What you probably don’t know is that he got his start as a magician and despite having played quite a few baddies, is actually one of the nicest people you will ever meet. His first film as producer, co-writer, director, and actor got raves and lots of awards at the film festivals. Now, it is going into limited release. I got an early screening and it is a wonderful picture. It is called Getting Grace. Danny is on the right in the poster above, and if you’re wondering why he looks kind of familiar this recent review on the Daily Grindhouse ought to fill in some gaps: Review of Getting Grace

It is too soon for reviews, but there is a page for it with the trailer on Rotten Tomatoes. I did find a bunch of great pre-release reviews on IMDB, where it gets mostly 10 out of 10s. It opens March 23, so check your local theater listings.



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  1. […] It is just a coincidence that our friend’s recent feature film had a main character named Grace, as does mine. It was the first feature film that he wrote, starred in, and produced. His character’s name was set early, and is part of the title, Getting Grace. Belle writes about this on her blog . […]

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