Los Angeles, USA

The Greatest Adventure Chapter 24

I got to do a lot of really fun things at Equity, including traveling to New York and going backstage to check in with the casts of major shows.

One of the things I am proud of in my job at Equity was working with Disney bringing Beauty and the Beast to Broadway. That I was named Belle was not lost on anyone. I was involved from the very beginning, from regional theater to Broadway.

Famed illusion designer and magic expert Jim Steinmeyer worked on special effects for Beauty and the Beast. Sadly I had no interaction with him. He is currently on the board of the Magic Castle (and a big supporter of women in magic- yeah!)

When actors had problems with a show, it was my job to deal with it on their behalf. Few shows were more troubled than those put on by the infamous producer Kevin von Feldt. It was the only time I ever got a call from the LAPD Bunco Squad. That is John Goodman, Christopher Lloyd and Jane Leeves in Kevin’s production of A Christmas Carol. The expression on Lloyd’s face may reflect the realization of what a giant mess he has gotten himself into.

Charles Dutton was a bit of a hero for me helping to save the day, and Geoff also tells the dramatic story of his life and his overcoming diversity to become a successful actor.

Me and my very close friend and fellow rep Russell (dressed in drag) at La Cage aux Folles.

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